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Galaxy Health – Collaborative Process Management

Galaxy Health is a US healthcare insurance provider. Galaxy has chosen Vmoso to  improve its membership acquisition and renewal rate as well as a number of collaborative business processes involving member enrollment and renewal, plan management, claim escalation and dispute resolution.

BroadVision Launches Vmoso Collaborative Process Management Solution

New platform redefines traditional business process management (BPM) in the context of mobile-centric and people-intensive activities for transforming both digital workplace internally and digital engagement externally

Collaborative Processes

Whereas the structured, predictable element of a business process is increasingly automated, exception handling continues to be where human knowledge and intelligence needs to be applied to resolve a problem.

Tidy up your coils of unstructured process

How improved collaboration reduces complexity and enhances user experience

Vmoso Process Management

The Galaxy Corporation are longstanding users of Vmoso for collaboration and communication inside, outside and between their various subsidiary companies. They have recently started using Vmoso Process Management to ensure that this collaboration is more structured where appropriate, but still gives their employees the flexibility they need to do their work.