BroadVision 9 Overview

BroadVision 9 unifies e-business with enterprise communication and collaboration into one cohesive and robust solution. It builds on the strength of BroadVision’s e-business expertise by integrating the Vmoso real-time communication and social collaboration solution with the BroadVision e-business platform.
With BroadVision 9, companies can seamlessly tie cloud-based collaboration with key business processes, providing robust, secure and efficient communication with their employees, business partners and customers. Organizations can work socially, unlocking true business potential by engaging and connecting with key stakeholders anytime, and on any device.

BroadVision 9 is designed to help organizations in a wide range of vertical industries including:

BroadVision 9 customers will benefit from:

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A Flexible and Secure Interface: Connecting with key stakeholders in workspaces that are totally private, semi-private, or open gives companies the ability to do business and personally meet the needs of each participant.


Enhanced Customer Service: Social and mobile capabilities make it easier for organizations to discuss and analyze customer questions and comments.


Keep customers and partners engaged by providing a rich community experience where they can connect, build relationships, share ideas, create content, and learn from one another.


Adding Vmoso functionality to the BroadVision product will provide you with significant benefits, not limited to the following:


Higher Revenue

Higher revenue and increased recurring, up-sale and cross-sale revenue through reduced customer frustration – your customers will now have a single point of contact to reach your organization, along with one place where they can access their communication and contracts, or any files you have shared with them, preventing them from being bombarded by multiple points of contact for their questions, feedback and previous communication with you.


Accelerated Business Cycle

Accelerated business cycle time and higher closure rates because of the stronger external engagement, while facilitating mobile engagement with customers who are increasingly mobile in nature.


Increase Efficiency

Increase overall organization’s efficiency by saving at least an hour a day per digitized employee, and allowing the company to retain and utilize their proprietary information by making it easy for the employees to create, capture, preserve and share business knowledge and context.