Vmoso Case Study: IT Services

A major Asian IT services company with retail specialism is using Vmoso as an employee portal for collaboration and knowledge sharing. Frustrated with their previous over-simplistic portal, they needed a solution that didn’t just preserve the company’s collective knowledge, but also facilitated discussion around that knowledge and enabled experience gain from one project to be deployed on future projects. 

As many of the company’s consultants are regularly onsite at customer offices, full access via mobile devices was essential to enable knowledge storage, sharing, discovery and collaboration from any location.

Vmoso’s content tracking gives the company unique insight into how knowledge is being created, shared, viewed, and the level of collaboration between staff. 

They are now starting to use Vmoso’s task management features to support the project lifecycle. This will provide structured assignment, action, feedback and status reporting, improving the efficiency and accountability of project tasks. 

Further efficiencies will also be gained through tighter integration of Vmoso with other internal systems, improving alert management and collaboration on events.

Vmoso’s powerful access control is essential to the company’s initiatives to safeguard their corporate knowledge and avoid information leaks.

Vmoso keeps the company’s staff better informed, improves the efficiency of project tasks, and protects their collective knowledge.