Vmoso Enterprise Transformation

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Vmoso Enterprise Transformation

As organizations embark on programmes of digital transformation, managing collective knowledge is becoming more important than ever. Knowledge is increasingly lost in employees’ email inboxes, or fragmented across a chaotic assortment of new communication tools brought in to address email’s failings.

At BroadVision, we understand that getting your corporate knowledge under control is more than just a technology implementation programme. The Vmoso Enterprise Transformation (VET) methodology is a 10-step iterative process that refines working practices and establishes Vmoso at the heart of your enterprise communication and collaboration.

VET-diagram- Communication and Collaboration

VET help organizations…

  • – Identify and integrate existing knowledge sources
  • – Capture new knowledge at source and index it for easy access
  • – Define collaborative processes to add accountability to business communication
  • – Devise and report upon meaningful metrics that link directly to business objectives

We know that the hardest part of any project to adopt new technology is getting started. Many employees remained wedded to working practices that discourage effective collaboration and impede the ow of information around the company. The VET methodology engages with all participants and stake- holders to drive behavioural change alongside Vmoso product implementation.

Digital Transformation

The Vmoso Enterprise Transformation Methodology formulates and executes a clear, realistic, achievable plan for digital transformation of your communication, collaboration and engagement.

It unlocks collective knowledge stored in fragmented systems across your organisation and introduces dynamic, collaborative processes to your business workflows.

We’re here to help

BroadVision Global Services (BVGS) have been assisting leading enterprises around the world with their digital business initiatives for more than 20 years. Throughout the VET process, consultants from the BVGS Digital Transformation Group are here to help you. We’ll take part in your steering committee meetings, assist with project scoping and implementation, and training project participants.

For more details, download the VET datasheet