Galaxy Electronics

Galaxy Electronics is a manufacturer of consumer electronics. Its products are designed in Japan, built in China and the software developed in India. Products are distributed and sold worldwide.

See how Galaxy Electronics use Vmoso collaborate internally, with their supply chain, their distributor and reseller networks in Europe and the Americas, and their customers around the world.

Galaxy Convenience Stores

Galaxy Convenience Stores is a retail chain of 12,000 franchised stores in 5 countries. It employs 6,000 workers directly and franchisees employ 150,000 in stores.

See how Galaxy uses Vmoso to:
– improve communication and collaboration across the enterprise
– distribute information from headquarters to franchise stores,
– exchange best practices between stores
– improve communication among employees within each store
– collect and act upon customer feedback

Galaxy Insurance

Galaxy Insurance is a large general insurer, primarily offering household and motor insurance. It sells direct to consumers, and also deals through intermediaries such as brokers and agents.

As the insurance market has moved towards selling through aggregators and price comparison websites, the relationship between the insurer and the customer has weakened. See how Galaxy Insurance is addressing this by using Vmoso to give customers a single point of contact, increasing the speed and quality of service, improving customer satisfaction and increasing retention rates.