Why Knowledge Management Matters More Than Ever

In the early 2000s, everyone was talking about “knowledge management”. But over the years, it has been attracting less and less attention.

This seems strange, because knowledge management matters more than ever. Here are five reasons why…

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Business is Digital
The last decade has seen more and more of our communication, information and transactions moved online. Now, many organisations are embarking on major digital transformation projects to accelerate that. With the physical filing cabinet becoming increasingly obsolete, the need for better management of digital knowledge is obvious.

Business is Mobile
The mobile revolution has meant that more and more people are working away from the office. But they still need access to the collective intelligence of the company, wherever they are, and whatever device their using.

Business is Global
Whether it’s co-workers, customers, business partners or suppliers, more and more organisations work with people distributed around the world. Waiting 8 hours for someone on the other side of the world to start their working day and answer your question is inefficient and frustrating, so global companies need to organize their knowledge to make it available, whichever time zone you’re in.

Business is Continuous
Employee turnover is fact of life, but far too many organisations lose valuable knowledge when the employee leaves. Capturing that knowledge as it’s created enables seamless transition for new employees and prevents corporate amnesia.

Business is Regulated
For companies in some industries, this retention of knowledge and communication isn’t just a nice-to-have – it’s a legal necessity. It’s essential to report accurately who said what to whom, when, and see this in the context of steps leading to key decisions or transactions.

Vmoso preserves knowledge by capturing it at source. Every message you send, and every file you attach immediately form part of the ever-growing collective knowledge base, and is connected to all other referenced information. So when you, your co-worker or your successor needs to go back and find the information later, Vmoso has it ready and waiting.

Enterprise Digital Summit, London

BroadVision are proud to be sponsoring the Enterprise Digital Summit in London on November 23rd/24th. I’ll be speaking on the 24th about how organisations can address the way their business communication is becoming more and more fragmented across incompatible services and tools.

In advance of that, I spoke to Bjoern Negelmann of Kongress Media and described BroadVision’s perspective on the current state of social collaboration and digital transformation initiatives.


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