BroadVision Releases Vmoso


New solution unifies virtual-mobile-social communication and collaboration for the enterprise

REDWOOD CITY, CAJuly 29, 2014 –BroadVision, Inc. (NASDAQ: BVSN), a global pioneer of e-business solutions, today announced the release of Vmoso, a new platform of engagement unifying virtual, mobile and social communication and collaboration for the enterprise, and myVmoso, its companion “freemium” offering for individual and small office/home office (SOHO) users. Both services are now available in the cloud and accessible online via the Web or mobile apps.

Vmoso consolidates the five most essential business communication and collaboration tools—email (long messaging), chat (short messaging), content sharing, workflow, and social networking—into one cohesive platform, deepening engagement and improving communication effectiveness across and beyond the enterprise. This 5-in-1 unification can result in substantial time and cost savings for each user, as it helps to avoid the frustration and duplication of work that occurs when using multiple fragmented tools. Adopting Vmoso holistically, the enterprise stands to accrue great business value—getting more done with fewer resources—as a result of more timely, higher quality, and more collaborative decision making.

“The proliferation of the current Bring Your Own Device and Bring Your Own App (BYOD/BYOA) environment, in conjunction with mobile, cloud-based computing, has brought about both challenges and opportunities for every organization in the world,” said Dr. Pehong Chen, President and CEO of BroadVision. “To excel in this dynamic environment, the enterprise must adopt a more innovative, secure, and affordable communication and collaboration solution, so that its business and people can stay engaged, connected, and organized for anything, with anyone, from anywhere, at any time, and via any device. Vmoso intends to deliver exactly that.”

A number of key innovations make Vmoso unique in the market:

  • Universal Sharing across Common Spaces. Vmoso maintains only one physical instance for each object—whether document, task, chat, blog or tweet—per owner. That singular instance is then shared—but never copied—to any intended user or workspace under a common hierarchy of public, corporate, mutual, and personal folders. This eliminates needless duplication, enforces organizational integrity, and ensures superior access control and data privacy.
  • Hybrid Cloud Architecture with Enterprise-Class Security. Vmoso supports a federation of global, regional, and local public cloud instances to interoperate with any number of private cloud installations. This unique hybrid architecture offers the small business a very attractive, low-cost solution through the public cloud, while enabling the larger enterprise to safeguard its data behind the firewall on a private cloud. Either way, the same heightened enterprise-class security is deployed across the board.
  • Comprehensive APIs for Seamless Integration with External Systems.  Vmoso comes fully provisioned with two-way APIs for seamless integration with existing enterprise front-end portals or back-end systems of record, as well as with the increasingly pervasive “Internet of Things (IoTs).” Currently, these systems or things rely heavily on email or instant messaging to deliver their important alerts and notifications, but only on a linear and one-way basis. Vmoso transforms this method into a much more engaging and compelling experience, allowing people to get informed immediately, make decisions collaboratively, and mediate actions directly.
  • Smooth Transition from Email to Vmoso.  To accommodate today’s deeply entrenched corporate email culture, Vmoso offers an inclusive environment in which all active engagements can be carried out via either Vmoso or any existing email client.  Convenient plug-ins are available at both ends to simultaneously populate messages and content flow, facilitating, ultimately, a smooth conversion from to email to Vmoso.

To be among the first to experience myVmoso, individual professional and SOHO users can register at or download its mobile app for free on Google Play for Android devices (coming soon on AppStore for iOS devices).

Organized and customizable Vmoso enterprise pilot programs are also available now.  Organizations are encouraged to contact for details.

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Driving innovation since 1993, BroadVision (NASDAQ: BVSN) provides e-business solutions that enable the enterprise, its employees, partners, and customers to stay actively engaged, socially connected, and universally organized to achieve greater business results.  BroadVision® solutions—including Vmoso for unified communication and collaboration, and Clearvale for enterprise social networking—are available globally in the cloud via the Web and mobile applications.  Visit for more details.

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