VMware’s Horizon App Manager

One of the fundamental tenets of social business (and BroadVision’s approach to Clearvale) is that enterprise social networks and applications must live in the cloud (see .

Today VMware announced the launch of its open, user-centric management service for accessing cloud applications: Horizon App Manager (see http://www.vmware.com/company/news/releases/horizon-may-2011.html).  At BroadVision, we’re happy to announce that we are a premiere SaaS application partner of the Horizon App Manager. Now users of BroadVision Clearvale will have quicker, easier access to cloud-based applications.

Security and privacy controls are a long-standing concern for current users of cloud based applications as well as companies looking to adopt them. Part of VMware’s “Project Horizon”, which envisions secure access via the cloud to a variety of applications and devices, the Horizon App Manager gives users secure access to a variety of cloud-based applications via a single sign-on while offering IT admin accessibility controls.

Meeting the security and privacy needs of our clients is an issue taken very seriously by BroadVision. Clearvale is a cloud-based enterprise social network that allows users to collaborate internally in private networks as well as communicate with the outside world with public networks. As with the Horizon App Manager, having specific and intuitive controls over that distinction is the key.