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Looking for a way to integrate next-generation functionality into your enterprise systems? BroadVision can help your organization evolve with business communication tools to make your existing systems more efficient and effective.

The Vmoso Developer Network is a resource for developers, maintained by a community of developers and technical writers for hosting documents and examples related to Vmoso APIs and the Vmoso Developer Kit.

The Vmoso Developer Network [VDN] provides access to the Vmoso API documentation, code libraries, and training resources if you need it. Plus you will have access to a dedicated Sandbox environment so that you can start building and testing your code and creating applications that add value to Vmoso customers.

The VDN is a dedicated community within  where you will be able to connect with BroadVision and fellow developers. Regular updates will be posted in the VDN spaces, and if you have a question, just ask!

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Vmoso Developer Network

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