Vmoso Retail Workforce Engagement Hub

These are tough times for retailers – with 30% of all non-food purchases now made online, many established retailers have been forced into store closures or even bankruptcy.

Consumers increasingly use both physical and online store presences to make purchasing decisions, so it is critical that the customer experience in-store and online are aligned. It’s essential that sales floor staff are up to date with the latest branding messages, store plans, product displays, promotions and best practices.

Tapping into the collective intelligence of store workers as they exchange experiences with customers and other colleagues is key in sensing the first signals of customer responses or wishes.  Equally important is the ability to respond to those signals with alacrity, and accountability.

Retail Workforce Engagement Hub

The Vmoso Retail Workforce Engagement Hub provides digital connectivity and accountability between company headquarters, regional offices and retail stores. It enables:

  • Top-down assignments
  • Bottom-up reporting
  • Cross-organisation collaboration

Built on Vmoso’s cloud architecture, the Retail Workforce Engagement Hub connects people, activities, systems, data and content in a “single source of truth”. Running on a virtual private cloud assures security and privacy, while enabling open integration with other retail systems.

Top-down assignments

  • Ensure timeliness and efficiency in project roll-outs with direct communication to shop-floor staff covering:
    • Floor management
    • Branding updates
    • Product displays
    • Promotions and special offers
    • General announcements
  • Ensure key training is completed on time.
  • Ensure accountability with central tracking of assignment completion.

Bottom-up reporting

  • Streamline collection of reporting from stores and regions with greater consistency of report format
  • Conduct surveys and collect vital information on
    • Employee and customer experience
    • Feedback on promotions, products and presentation

Cross-Organisation Collaboration

  • Improve results and problem resolution through real-time sharing of ideas and best practices.
  • Organize information exchange between subject interest groups, departments, regions
  • Enable rapid information flows between online and physical business.
  • Share knowledge and experience.

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